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Jan 15, 2011 5:30am EST
business" on msnbc. >>> hi, there, everyone. i'm j.j. ramberg. welcome to "your business" where we give you tips and advice to help your business grow. have you ever wondered if your hobby could be turned into a viable business? if so, how would you even get started? well, today we meet an entrepreneur who has taken his passion and turned it into his profession. you could say shawn kenny has a unique business. >> i did a project for the philadelphia zoo last year, and we built 30 life-sized animals set up all around the zoo. the polar bear took 1,100 hours to build. and it had over 95,000 pieces in it. >> here's a lego certified professional. that's right, he actually has an official certification to play with lego blocks. >> the wall you are looking at right now is probably about 300,000 pieces, although it is a small portion of the 1.5 million i have here in the studio. >> just across the east river from manhattan sean has built a thriving company out of a childhood passion. >> here's my yellow 2 by 3s, blue 2 by 8s. >> this was not his first profession. for years he worked in technology
Jan 22, 2011 5:30am EST
, everyone, i'm j.j. ramberg, and welcome to "your business" where we give you tips and advice for helping your business grow. once again this year, we are coming to you from geek heaven, the 2011 consumer electronics show. now of course there are a lot of big companies here. but this year, more than ever, small business owners are occupying the booths in these halls. for most, the road to ces takes years. for one oklahoma particular company, it took just months. how? one part inspiration, one part sheer force of will. the people behind the zom took their idea for locating a lost cell phone and turned it into a ces success story like no other. ♪ >> one year ago, lori peneck, mother of three, and an entrepreneur with what she knew was a great idea was packing her bags to go to the consumer electronics show or ces for the very first time. >> i love technology and love gadgets. and so i would watch it every year and think, that would be so incredible to get to go to ces. >> just a few months before, lori had an oprah-induced epiphany on the treadmill. >> one of my girlfriends told me her hu
Jan 29, 2011 5:30am EST
're proud to presented "your business" on msnbc. >>> hi there everyone. i'm j.j. ramberg. welcome to "your business" where we give tips and advice to help your business grow. it may seem crazy, but it turns out laughter is good for business. for new york's peppercom, it's boosting employee morale and winning new customers. >>> hi, i'm lee la bellow. >> i've steve cody. >> i'm clayton fletcher. >> can you tell which one of these people is actually a comedian. >> i'm an at supervise other. >> managing founder and i do next to nothing. >> i'm in charge of taking at the trash. that's not true. i'm their comedy coach. they bring me in and i teach them how to be funny. >> here the employees are actually paid to laugh. no joke. this is a typical comedy workshop at the firm, run by professional comedian clayton fletcher. >> who would like to go next. >> and attended by the staff. >> one thing i strongly discourage is a joke. wait, aren't you a comedy trainer? yes, i am. but i don't want to hear jokes. i want the truth. >> seems a bit like a boondoggle, getting to sit around and laugh with your col
Jan 8, 2011 5:30am EST
. >>> hi there, everyone. i'm j.j. ramberg, and welcome to "your business" where we give you tips and advice to help your business grow. selling stolen goods, sounds a bit shadiy. but the one entrepreneur, he's doing it on the up and up, with, if you can believe it, the support of the local police. >> there's something a little bit modern about buying stolen goods on the internet. it's crazy. i don't know what to tell you, but there's a lot of enthusiasm. >> believe it or not, part of that enthusiasm comes from the police department. they're actually encouraging people to buy stolen stuff. >> we just don't have the resources for that. we have to be out on the street working. >> by that, long island beach commissioner tom schofield means dealing with all of the properties police officers recover in the line of duty. everything from jewelry to baseball bats to bicycles. >> if you can think of it, we've probably come across it. >> while police officers see this as a burden -- >> a lot of times property itself sat on a shelf and collected dust and created clutter. and it just -- it bo
Jan 16, 2011 7:30am EST
relations firm. till then, i'm j.j. ramberg. and remember, we make your business our business. seven years ago, i had this idea. to make baby food the way moms would. happybaby strives to make the best organic baby food.
Jan 30, 2011 7:30am EST
customer? the answers are coming up next on "your business." >>> >>> hi, there, everyone. i'm j.j. ramberg, and welcome to "your business." fral business took front and center during president obama's state of the union address. he spoke of the future, perseverance in a troubled economy and their pursuit of innervation. that focus was emphasized by the attendance of a number of small business owner os who sat with first lady michelle obama, some of whom the president cited in his speech. >> robert and gary allen are brothers who run a small roofing company. after september 11th they volunteered their best roofers to help repair the pentagon but half of their factory went unused and the recession hit them hard. today with the help of a government loan, that empty space is being used to manufacture solar shingles that are being sold all across the country. in robert's words, we reinvented ourselves. >> the president also spoke about fixing the part of his health care bill that he says is placing bookkeep iing. mary lieu landrieu spear headed. hi, senator, thanks so much for joining us. >> th
Jan 1, 2011 5:30am EST
to see you next time. until then, i'm j.j. ramberg. and remember, we make your business our business. this is my band from the 80's, looker. hair and mascara, a lethal combo. i'm jon haber of alto music. my business is all about getting music into people's hands. and the plum card from american express open helps me do that. you name it, i can buy it. and the savings that we get from the early pay discount has given us money to reinvest back into our business and help quadruple our floor space. how can the plum card's trade terms get your business booming? booming is putting more music in more people's hands.
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)